West Portsaid Port


West Port Said Port (WPS port) is strategically located at the crossroads of major global maritime trade routes, connecting the East and Europe via the Suez Canal. Situated at Latitude 31°15’ North and Longitude 32°18’ East, it is a vital Egyptian port, spanning 2 square kilometers. With berths extending 4 kilometers and depths of 10 to 16 meters, it handles a diverse range of cargo, exceeding 8.7 million tons annually.


West Port Said Port features a commercial port area accommodating container, general cargo, RoRo, and multipurpose operations. It also offers ship and petroleum services. Additionally, it includes a cruise port with three berths and a well-equipped passenger terminal. Moreover, the port provides excellent facilities for yacht berthing, enhancing its status as a comprehensive maritime hub.

Consultancy and Supervision on Gas Station & NG network