Sokhna Port


Ain Sokhna port is Egypt’s key gateway to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), East Africa, and Asia, covering an area of 23 square kilometers. Positioned at Latitude 29°39’ North and Longitude 32°21’ East, this state-of-the-art facility is designed for handling large ships and is equipped with modern infrastructure tailored to meet future demands. With a basin width and entrance of 680 meters, and a depth of 17 meters, it offers direct access from the Gulf of Suez. Operated primarily by DP-World, Sokhna Port is renowned for its enhanced automation and advanced container handling capabilities.


The entrance channel is 3,650 meters long, 250 meters wide, and depths from 18 meters to 17 metres, with an entrance diameter of 560 meters, a turning circle of 560 metres, with a 17-metre plunger. The advanced automated system is used in the port in the field of customs and regulatory agencies to speed up the release of goods.
Closed circuit television systems are used in the port to monitor work in the yards and docks and monitor fences. Sokhna Port is considered the first to implement the International Insurance Code System (ISPS).
The port has a 40-meter-high control tower equipped with the latest radar and communications equipment

Utilities Connection & Infrastructure to Sokhna Port basins